Top Efficiency Operativity Workability Maintenance Option Spec


Safe, easy and reliable operation

  • ※1ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure(A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)
  • ※2FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structures.

Spring steel cylinder rod guards

The cylinder rod is protected by the spring steel structure. Scratches caused by debris or collision are greatly reduced thanks to the spring steel's ability to absorb impact.
Additionally, the high-tension steel cylinder tube is highly durable and unlikely to bend, giving the operator a sense of safety. Regardless of whether the cylinder expands or contracts, it will always be protected.

True Zero Tail Swing

Works efficiently and can be operated without worrying about the tail swing-
The excavator body stays within the machine width. This helps reduce the operator's efforts and work time.

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