The flat body of the excavator ensures work efficiency and safety.

A flat back takes care of safety, stability, and work efficiency during swing operations when performing work on various types of sites. Equipped with a standard boom swing, the excavator is perfect for ditch excavation along walls and works efficiently in confined spaces as well.

The rear of the cabin does not protrude, ensuring smooth and safe turns.

True Zero Tail Swing

Works efficiently and can be operated without worrying about the tail swing.
The excavator body stays within the machine width.
This helps reduce the operator's efforts and work time.

Excellent turning ability in the front

During gutter excavation, boom swings remain within the width of the machine from the boom bracket downwards.

Equipped with a standard 8 t class boom swing.

Capable of digging right next to walls.

Boom swing

The excavator is equipped with a standard boom swing. As the boom can swing up to 60 degrees on both sides, the excavator faces the work area when digging a ditch, thus increasing the work efficiency.

  • without Quick coupler

Satisfying implements make the work reliable

Boom cylinder guard

Guards the boom cylinder from damage or scratches

The cabin design offers superb rear visibility and the standard back mirror further improves on this

Provides a sufficient visibility of the area near the rear end of the excavator, ensuring safety even during repeated forward or backward movement of the excavator.

Pressed steel hood

Adopt a hood made of steel plate with excellent durability and easy to repair when damaged.

Underside protector

Made the cover thicker to strengthen the bonnet cover and decrease damage.

External engine shut-off switch

In an emergency, this switch immediately stops the engine with one-touch.

Equipped with standard ROPS/OPG top guard (level Ⅰ) compliant cabin + retractable seatbelt

ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure)

A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over.

OPG top guard (level Ⅰ) (Operator Protective Guards)

A structure to protect the operator from falling objects.

Cabin light + Built in boom light

The 3 front lights enable the operator to see clearly at night or at work places with insufficient light.

Automatic high speed when running

Change the speed automatically depending on the load so that the machine can always run with power.