3 features of Smart Assist Remote?

3 features of Smart Assist Remote: Point1 Reduce machine repair costs, Point2 Efficient machine operation, Point3 Contribute to Medium-to-Long Term administrative improvement

What is Smart Assist Remote

The communication system manages the location information of the construction machinery equipped with GPS and communication terminals. By remotely monitoring our customers' machinery via the Internet, the system receives maintenance timing and quickly detects machine troubles. Our job is to provide proper support and quality service to our valued customers.

Build Database Information

Provide Security

Theft Prevention Apparatus, Error Information Notification Service, Maintenance Controller

Support Management System

Operations Controller, Application for Daily Work Reports

Customer Web page

Customers can confirm the operation and maintenance information from an exclusive Customer-only web page.
It can be used to "observe" the operational status of the machine.
(The Operation screen varies depending on the customer.)

Customer Web page

Operation Control

IT Management of Multiple Machinery

IT Management of Multiple Machinery

Users are able to know the current location and operational status of the machine. It helps them to manage the operation time and date.

Daily Work Report Control, Detection/Search

Work Analysis and Detection

Work analysis and detection

Applicable to work analysis by inputting daily work content.

Theft Notification

Detect and Send Notification of Machine Anomaly.

Detect and send notification of machine anomaly.

By configuring the operating area and time settings, it strengthens the security and allows for a quicker response time.

Maintenance Information Management

Know the Machine's Maintenance Period

Know the machine's maintenance period

Inspection item, inspection execution status and maintenance performance, maintenance intervals, comments
(inspection items, maintenance intervals and comments can be set arbitrarily / inspection items can be added as necessary)

Member Management

Manage Multiple Machinery

Manage Multiple Machinery

Each machine can be set individually for work or operation management. This is available only for customers who own a multiple number of machineries.

Smart Assist Remote Service

By monitoring customers machinery, we can provide a record of the machine's operational status. Also, should a machine troubles arise, we can immediately detect it and arrange for the appropriate customer support.

Smart Assist Remote Service

Error Notification Service

By monitoring electronic components equipped with Smart Assist Remote, the service personnel are automatically notified when an error occurs. Since faulty locations are detected in advance, the downtime is shortened.

Error Notification Service

Proposal For maintenance

Provide the operational status of the machinery as a chart, and propose maintenance to customers. In addition, since the necessary periodic inspection time lists are displayed, we can guide you through the inspection time.

Cause of Failure Check

Since it is possible to identify the machine's cause of failure as soon as a machine anomaly is detected, it is possible to provide services without bothering the customers.

Smart Assist Remote Loading Model

Standard Loading Model

Mini Excavator / Hydraulic Excavator

Wheel Loader


If you are interested, please contact the nearest Yanmar Construction Machinery dealer near you.

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