Bio-Gas Micro Cogeneration Packages (CP)

Biogas CP Micro Cogeneration Packages

Biogas CP Micro Cogeneration Package function and benefits

The Yanmar Biogas Cogeneration Package (Biogas CP) offers a unique solution for the efficient generation of renewable power and heat using biogas derived from a variety of sources. Single Biogas CP units offer a very effective way to use biogas from smaller output sources, while multiple Biogas CP unit systems can be used in applications where higher outputs of biogas are available. This kind of multiple unit system is very suitable for applications where biogas output is variable, by controlling the number of units in use each unit can be operated near to rated output level ensuring that high system efficiency is maintained.

With biogas being a renewable source of energy, in many cases it is possible to export power from the system to the power grid, and in cases where hot water is used on-site for biogas production the high efficiency of the Yanmar Biogas CP offers an all-round excellent solution for this kind of application.

Biogas CP operation and key features

Biogas CP units operate by using renewable energy from biogas to power a biogas specification engine. This biogas engine drives the Biogas CP electricity generator section and during operation heat from the biogas engine is reclaimed and used to supply hot water from the unit.

The gas-engine used in Yanmar Biogas CP units is an example of Yanmar’s own gas engine technology providing a unique world-class solution for different kinds of biogas application.

The Yanmar Biogas CP uses asynchronous power generation so that the unit can be operated at the best point for efficiency, reliability and long-life independently of the external power supply frequency. Connection to external power supply networks is made using inverters, and this gives great flexibility and simplifies the connection of the unit.

The unique construction of these units offers a low noise, compact and lightweight cogeneration system already packaged for easy installation.

Biogas CP applications

Yanmar Biogas CP units are ideal for use at food processing and preparation facilities, food waste handling facilities, livestock farms, dairy farms, agricultural farms, sewage treatment facilities as well as places where there are naturally occurring sources of gas such as hot springs.

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