Multiproduct-mixed production and high ratio of in-house parts production

Multiproduct-mixed production which has the flexibility to cope with various kinds of engines

YANMAR is following thoroughly with the so-called YANMAR production system which has evolved from the state of the art of Japanese manufacturing,such as the just-in-time system, and realized its unique multiproduct mixed production line.
The Biwa factory, its home YANMAR vertical water-cooled engines, is capable of more than 2000 models and 400,000 units per year.

High proportion of in-house production enables manufacturing with meticulous attention to detail

Additionally, it has high ratio of in-house parts production.
From casting of engine core parts like cylinder block to precision machinery component like fuel injection system, YANMAR develops and manufactures in-house at high rate.
Those parts are sent to the Biwa factory and assembled to engines and shipped globally.

Automatization and ICT

Our unique multiproduct mixed production is enabled by outstanding automatization and ICT.
We are managing manufacturing progress control and traceability over various kinds of engines one by one .
As a result, it enables us to supply high-quality engines.

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