Gas Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems (GHP)


GHP function and benefits

Yanmar Gas Heat Pump (GHP) air conditioning systems provide high efficiency and cost effective heating and cooling solutions for buildings using gas. Being mainly powered by gas, these GHP systems can give low running costs, reduced CO2 emissions and eliminate the need for expensive electricity supply upgrades that are often required by electrically powered heat pump systems. They can also reduce seasonal overloading of electricity grids, create new opportunities for gas to be used for cooling and also help to stabilize the demand for gas and electricity over the year.

GHP operation and key features

GHP systems operate by using energy from gas to power a gas-engine which then drives the heat pump. The heat pump transfers large amounts of heat energy between the building and the outside air; this heat transfer is done between indoor units fitted in the building and an outdoor unit installed outside the building. Heat transfer with the outside air is done using heat exchangers built into the outdoor unit so no other heat source or heat sink construction is required, this with the small footprint and quiet operation of GHP systems means that GHP systems can be installed in a huge variety of locations.

The gas-engine used in Yanmar GHP systems is an example of Yanmar’s own lean-burn gas engine technology which provides a world-class combination of efficiency and reliability. Since engine heat can be reclaimed and used for additional heating GHP systems have particularly high efficiency in heating mode, this also means that these heat pump systems still have high heating output even with low outdoor air temperatures.

With a wide range of indoor unit options, these Yanmar GHP air-conditioning systems offer precise control and great flexibility to ensure all year comfort in all kinds of applications.

GHP applications

Yanmar GHP systems are ideal for restaurants, shops, showrooms as well as hotels, office buildings, schools, care-centers, sports clubs, factories and a multitude of other applications.

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