Micro Cogeneration Packages (CP)

Micro Cogeneration Packages

Micro Cogeneration Package function and benefits

Yanmar Micro Cogeneration Packages (CP) are small footprint cogeneration units that generate electricity and hot water using gas. By connecting a CP unit to a building to supply power and hot water, a very high level of energy efficiency can be achieved. This high efficiency typically leads to lower energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions compared to remotely generated electricity from the power grid. With low operating noise and a range of output classes, individual CP units can be used in a huge range of smaller applications, and for higher power applications multiple CP units can be controlled together as a higher output system using the Yanmar System Controller. This kind of larger cogeneration system made up of multiple units has higher efficiency over a wider range of outputs as well as being more robust and flexible. In addition, in areas where grid power is insufficient or unstable the Yanmar CP series with its blackout start options can provide a higher level of power security.

CP operation and key features

CP units operate by using energy from gas to drive a gas-engine. This engine drives the CP electricity generator and during operation heat from the gas engine is reclaimed and used to supply hot water from the unit. The gas-engine used in Yanmar CP units is an example of Yanmar’s own lean-burn gas engine technology providing a world-class combination of efficiency and reliability.

The Yanmar CP series uses asynchronous power generation so that the unit can be operated at the best point for efficiency, reliability and long-life independently of the external power supply frequency. Connection to external power supply networks is made using inverters which gives great flexibility and simplifies connection of the unit.

The unique construction of these units offers a low noise, compact and lightweight cogeneration system already packaged for easy installation, and with a 10,000 hour service interval, ultra-low maintenance requirements.

CP applications

Yanmar CP units are ideal for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals care-centers, sports clubs, factories and a multitude of other applications.

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