Both high output and low fuel consumption.
A highly reliable Yanmar direct-injection diesel engine.

In addition to good combustion performance over a wide load range, it achieves class-leading high output and low fuel consumption. Demonstrate high performance with a margin. In addition, it is equipped with a large 800L fuel tank, enabling long cruising.

Using computer technology
Intensity analysis of major moving parts by 3D CAD
(Piston, connecting rod, crankshaft)

More advanced reliability and durability

Sufficient durability is ensured by adopting a high-rigidity cylinder block, large-diameter crankshaft, connecting rod, and specially treated cylinder liner designed by 3D CAD. In addition, it is equipped with a large-capacity new cooling water pump and new cooler that support high output.

Soundproof double structure

Soundproof double structure

The floor is doubled and the hollow part is covered with sound absorbing material to reduce engine noise during running.
In addition, it is equipped with engine vibration isolation support and exhaust silencer, achieving best-in-class low noise.


Deepening the joy of driving,
Comfortable operation feeling.

Three 10-inch class navigation instruments can be installed in the counter space and above the large locker. In addition, a radio can be installed on the overhead console. It is also equipped with a comfortable driver's seat with armrest dampers.

Driver's seat

Analog meter

Breaker panel

Control panel
*When the thruster (factory option) is installed

Intermittent wiper / window washer

A ride that goes beyond class without compromise in every corner.

1 stem design

Demonstrates needle retention and high speed with a water line length equivalent to 40ft.

2 fin keel

Improved seakeeping and wind flow suppression performance.

3 Bow thruster*

Effectiveness is improved by installing it further forward.

  • Factory option

4 flare

Expands deck space and suppresses spraying.

5 chine

Reduced chine overhang and reduced hull resistance.

6 V type hull

The large slope at the bottom of the ship eases punching.

7 Single-axis inboard direct drive system

Achieves stable running with a well-balanced center of gravity.

8 transom shape

Suppresses hump during acceleration and ensures good visibility.

9 Electric trim tab

The running posture can be adjusted optimally.



ヘルムステーション [C TYPE]
Helm Station [C TYPE]

I'm excited about the sense of unity with nature.
An exhilarating ship maneuvering feel.

The open, fully open type flying bridge is equipped as standard with two rotating seats with armrests that allow you to sit comfortably. In addition, a hard awning that blocks sunlight and rain, a front window, and a radar arch can be set as options according to the fishing style.

ドライバーズシート [FB]
Driver's seat [FB]
ナビゲーターシート [FB]
Navigator seat [FB]
アナログメーター [FB]
Analog meter [FB]
大型ウィンドシールド [FB]※ C TYPE を除く
Large Windshield [FB]
*Excluding C TYPE


標準 [マストはオプション]

Standard [Mast is optional]

A TYPE [工場オプション]

A TYPE [factory option]

  • Radar arch [including navigation light mast]
B TYPE [工場オプション]

B TYPE [factory option]

  • Radar arch [including navigation light mast]
  • Hard awning
C TYPE [工場オプション]

C TYPE [factory option]

  • Radar arch [including navigation light mast]
  • Hard awning
  • Front window [including wiper and window washer]

Bow deck

Equipped with an integrated bowsprit on a wide bow deck to secure ample fishing space. The large bow rail is designed to be high enough for casting. In addition, you can enjoy fishing on the side deck.


Aft deck

A wide and flat aft deck with a maximum width of 2715 mm and a depth of 2900 mm. Pursuing fishing functions such as a bulwark height of 700 mm that makes it easy to hold the body even in the open sea. An open bulwark is used to make it easier to retrofit.

Side deck

Open bulwark


Live fish storage

Storage / Propeller Inspection Storage / Steering System Storage

Transom gate



Seats and tables with thick cushions are placed in a spacious space with a maximum ceiling height of 1840 mm. There is plenty of storage space for large lockers, etc. In addition, you can arrange it in a more comfortable space of your choice, such as installing long bench seats and marine air conditioners *Factory option

Bow Berth

The bow berth is wide enough for three adults to lie down and has good lighting. The sides and under the cushion can be used for storage. In addition, the spacious rest room with a ceiling height of 1770 mm is equipped with an electric marine toilet and sink. Women can also board the ship comfortably.

Cabin interior

Navigator seat

Port side passenger seat / table

Starboard side passenger seat / table

Roof rail


Bow berth interior



Long shelf

Seaview window

Storage [under berth cushion]

Storage [backrest]

Skylight hatch

Restroom entrance

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is used in the cabin and berth. In addition, you can optionally install footlights on the deck and in the cabin to illuminate your feet. LED type lights are used to save power. It enhances comfort and safety at night and produces a gentle light.


Analog meter




This is a specification for Japanese market, it is different from the specifications for overseas.


Model EX38A
Full Length 12.39m
Full Width 3.40m
Full Depth 1.93m
Gross Tons Over 5G/T
Navigation Area Limited Coast / Coast
Maximum Number of People 12 people
Engine Model 6CXBS-GT
Maximum Output 363kW / 2700min-1 [ 495PS / 2700rpm ]
Rated Output 330kW / 2616min-1 [ 450PS / 2616rpm ]
Installation Method Anti-vibration
Steering Machine Hydrostatic
Remote Controller One Handle Type (Electric)
Fuel Tank 800L×1
Battery 145F51×2
PTO 660mm
Propeller 3-730×1130
Stern Model Bracket Type
Mass 6250kg

General Equipment List

● : Standard setting □ : Factory options

Bow sprit Anchor Storage [with Lock] Bow Cleat Bow Pulpit
Navigation Lights [Side Lights] Hull Blackout Bow Roller Bow thruster [Electric]
Cabin exterior
Wiper [with intermittence function] Window Washer Hand Rail [Large] Hand Rail [Small]
Fuel Port with Key Water supply port Sliding Rear Door Horn
Stern Deck Light [LED] Shore Power Device
Windshield Driver's Seat [with Arnrest] *1 Navigator Seat [with Arnrest] *1 Steering Wheel
Analog Meter Remote Control Handle Navigation equipment built-in space Drink Holder ×2 [Both side]
Scupper Ladder Step Hand Rail Mast [FB]
Seat Cover [FB] Radar Arch
Aft Deck
Engine Room Hatch [with Lock] *2 Livewell ×2 [with Lock] Storage×2 [with Lock] Steering System Compartment / Propeller Inspection Compartment [with Lock]
Propeller Inspection Window Transom Gate Mooring Hole Stern Cleat (Double)
Popup Cleat Drainage Ditch Cover Exhaust Outlet Cover Electric Trim Tab
Boarding Ladder Footlight [LED] Aft Deck Steering Station Aft deck sink
Bulwark Bait Shelf Deck Washer Transom Step Stern Thruster [Electric]
Overhead Console Steering Wheel Analog Meter Remote Control Handle
Switch Panel Flood Alarm Device Electric Fan Breaker Panel
Main Switch [Relay Type] Driver's Seat [with Armrest] *1 Navigator Seat [with Armrest] *1 Passenger Seat (left-side) [Single]
Passenger Seat (right-side) [single] Passenger Seat (right-side) [bench] Seat Cushion [for Starboard side Table] Fixed Windows [Front, Port, Starboard side]
Sliding Side Windows [Port, Starboard side] Skylight hatch Side Pad [Port, Starboard side] Side Panel [Port, Starboard side]
Table [with Drink Holder] ×2 Drink Holder Locker [with Door] Hand Rail [Small]
Roof Rail Room Light [LED] Indirect Lighting [LED] Engine Room Hatch [with Lock]
Footlight [LED] Marine Air Conditioner
Berth Cushion Pad Long Shelf Storage [with Hatch]
Skylight Hatch Room Light [LED] Indirect Lighting [LED] Sea View Window
Hand Rail [Small] Table [with Drink Holder] *3
Rest Room
Door Marine Toilet [Electric] Towel Rack Electric Fan
Toilet Paper Holder Hand Grip Sink Room Light [LED]
Sea View Window Curtain Indirect Lighting [LED] Fresh Water Tank [90L]
Engine Room
Exhaust Silencer Bilge Pump Seawater Strainer Stern Tube [Seal Type]
Ventilator Anti-Vibration Rubber Hydraulic Steering System Engine drive Device *4
Engine Room Light [LED] Marine Generator
  • ※1Rotating / sliding damper included
  • ※2Gas damper included
  • ※3With lift function
  • ※4Alternator included