Product Concept

Comfortable style that you can enjoy smartly. To enjoy the time of relaxation.

To play hot with the sea and fishing.

Comfortable space for rest and satisfaction. For adults, to your heart's content.Wear plenty of space. It means getting good quality. The main cabin where up to 6 people can sit comfortably. The storage space is also substantial. In addition, the sheet layout can be selected according to the style. All of this speaks to our insatiable commitment to comfort. Entrust yourself to the extraordinary peace that will fascinate you the more you use it.

A fascinating silhouette. A perfect harmony of beauty and functionality.

All of them are stylish. A beautiful and flowing sheer line. And a refined, rounded cabin form. The real thing is always confident in its look. Achieves both excellent high-speed driving performance and ideal ride quality at a high level. This fast run produces a drama that exceeds expectations.Enthusiastic time of liberation and awakening.

Adult playfulness to your heart's content.

Overflowing freedom and screaming cheers on a spacious deck. No waste. Only the well-honed specs that unleash the curiosity and instinct of adults are here. Authentic fishing function. Selectable bridge specifications. Into a truly luxurious joy that you can immerse yourself in.Inspiring high power.

A strong sound that meets expectations and excitement.

All you need is strength. In order to fully understand the fun of the sea and fishing,
the power to support should be as reliable as possible.
Overwhelming power. And amazing speed.
Equipped with a reliable Yanmar diesel engine with excellent economic efficiency.
This pulsation opens up a stage of further excitement.