Bow deck

Bow deck

In addition to the wide boat width, a deck-integrated bowsprit has been designed to ensure plenty of room at the deck where even two people can enjoy fishing freely. In addition, the bow deck is equipped with a large-capacity anchor store and a bow rail that further enhances the safety during casting and anchoring.

Aft deck

Aft deck

In addition to a comfortable fishing space, the aft deck's layout is designed to maximize user comfort with amenities such as a live fish storage and a storage case. Also, an open bulwark is designed on both sides of the aft deck for easy retrofitting. The bulwark height is optimized for safety and ease of fishing. In addition, the stern top rail's shape allows for a spanker installation.


Walk-around deck

The walk-around deck allows for an easy movement around the cabin and is perfectly suitable for jiggling fishing. Also, the flat deck with sufficiently wide aisle with a handrail and absence of steps make it very easy to access between the front and rear decks. Furthermore, the rear sliding door of the cabin adds on an extra comfort on sailing.

Bow rail

Anchor storage

Mooring light


Open bulwark

Handrail [Large]

Handrail [Small]

Live fish storage / storage


Fuel port with key

Rod holder

Rear sliding door




You can freely steer the boat by standing due to the spacious cabin with the height of around 1800 mm. The sliding windows on both sides create a pleasant feeling of openness and brightness by letting in sufficient fresh sea air and natural light, all the while ensuring an excellent air curculation within the cabin. You can also opt for an optional bench-seat with a capacity for 2 people to be installed on the port side of the cabin.

Helm station

Helm station

The helm station has been designed to create an optimally comfortable driving position, ergonomic layout of controls and meters and a wide visibility angle. Also, there is enough space on the counter for two 8-inch nautical instruments.

Bow berth / toilet wall [with a door]

Bow berth

The bow berth can be used as a large locker. Also, by installing an optional cushions, you can use it to lie down and to rest and refresh or take a nap. In addition, an optional electric toilet is available to be installed in the private room with a door on the starboard side.

Dedicated driver's seat

Sliding windows (both sides)

Hand grip

Floor board


Option - Exterior

Bow roller

Skylight Hatch [Berth]

Stern rail

Transom step

Bow rail [split tip type]

  • Factory option

Skylight hatch [cabin]

Vernier cable

Boarding ladder

Aft station space

If the handle and remote control are separately installed at the aft, it becomes possible to control the boat from two places.

Option - Interior (Cabin)

Bench seat

Bench seat (when holded)

Room light [Cabin]

Option - Interior (Berth)

Berth curtain

Berth cushion

Room light [Berth]

Electric marine toilet


Room light [toilet]


This is a specification for Japanese market, it is different from the specifications for overseas.


Full Length 7.47m
Full Width 2.52m
Full Depth 1.23m
Gross Tons Under 5G/T
Maximum Number of People 7 people
Engine Model 4JH3-DTZAY
Maximum Output 84.6kW / 3600min-1 [ 115PS / 3600rpm ]
Rated Output 69.9kW / 3400min-1 [ 95PS / 3400rpm ]
Outdrive Device SZ163
Connecting Shaft CF28-OZ [L=200]
Installation Method Anti-vibration Support
Steering Machine Hydrostatic
Mass 1670kg
Remote Controller Two Handle
Fuel Tank 150L
Battery 115F51×1

General Equipment List

● : Standard setting △ : Options □ : Factory options

Bow rail Anchor storage
[with a hinge and lock]
Cleat Sidelight [LED]
Wiring pipe [for bow wiring] Bowroller [including cleats] Bow rail [split tip type]
Wipers Window washer Handrail [Small] Handrail [Large]
Mooring light [LED] Sliding rear door Fuel port with key Skylight hatch [cabin]
Open bulwark Live fish storagel [lockable lid] Live fish storage scupper Scupper handle
Storage [lockable lid] Cleat Drain scupper Wiring pipe [for stern wiring]
Stern rail Port transom step [with rail] Starboard transom step
[with a rail]
Boarding ladder *1
Vernier cable
Driver's seat Side panel [starboard] Switch panel [6 circuits] Fuse box [6 circuits]
Terminal Sliding window [both sides] Hand grip Maintenance cover
Maintenance hatch
[for FOT, with scupper]
Folding bench seat
[for 2 people]
Knob [steering] Room light
Bow berth
Toilet wall Door Floor board Skylight hatch [Berth]
Cushion Room light Curtain Marine toilet [electric]
Toilet roll holder *2 Hand grip *2 Ventilator *2 Room light [toilet wall]
Engine room
Engine hatch
[with a hinge and fastener]
Gas spring [for engine hatch] Engine bed Water cooler mechanism
[with seawater strainer]
Exhaust tube Anti-vibration rubber Ventilator [deck opening] Battery
With a battery Drain plug
[for draining water from the engine room]
Fuel tank Instrument panel
Steering device
[hydrostatic type]
Propeller Bilge pump
  • ※1When transom step is selected.
  • ※2Included with marine toilet.