Product concept

To make a good time and unforgettable memories

There is an experience beyond imagination awaiting for you.

It is a magnified feeling of the freedom and nature to share with those you cherish the most.

“Toprun FX27Z” is the one ideal boat for such family use.

It is the refreshing driving and enhanced comfort that everyone needs to see to know just how good it feels to be out at the sea.

Starting with the stylish design and a powerful diesel engine, “Toprun FX27Z” is fully equipment with all you need for an ease of use and fishing.

It is time to indulge in the satisfying pure moment of joy we feel when we are together.

Every time is another pearl into your most precious memories.

This is the new concept of Toprun designed for maximize fishing and family use experience.

General performance

  • Adoption of V-shaped hull and fin keel to improve ride quality and course retention
  • Adoption of double chine that improves both static stability and running performance.
  • Adoption a center cabin walk-around deck that is ideal for fishing

Tools and improvement for fishing

  • Low-profile design and fin keel for cross-flow against wind
  • Equipped with a multi-engine for trolling
  • A long storage case has been placed on the stern deck
  • A fishing seat is installed on the bow deck too, in consideration of fishing for 3 to 4 people
  • Adoption of open bulwark
  • A space on the top rail has been secured for spanker installation
  • Two separate spaces are available at the rear of the cabin for extra maneuvering
  • Extra space in front of the foil


  • A sliding rear door to give the feeling of open cabin
  • An L-shaped bench seat that with a capacity for up to 3 passengers as a standard setting
  • Private toilet space located in the berth

“Air conditioner package options” for you to enjoy comfortable fishing at all seasons!

  • Marine toilet, carpet, cushion, etc. in addition to air conditioner.
  • Higher-grade fishing line for improved experience