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We commit to invest to leading-edge technology and deep tech startups, and strive to incubate them in co-creation with all our networks, thereby delivering social impacts and enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.

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In recent years, our customers have been confronted with major environmental changes such as labor shortages, sustainable food production, and the needs to achieve zero emissions. These changes are not only recent social demands, but to realize the Yanmar Group's mission itself.

At the same time, the evolution of technology is accelerating in relation to the means to solve these social demands, and it is becoming more important to take an interdisciplinary approach that combines the technologies, know-how and resources of Yanmar with other technologies. In order to create innovation, the Yanmar Group has decided to invest in startups in addition to our business development activities.

We, at Yanmar Ventures, target to achieve both strategic and financial returns through our startup investments. By investing in start-up companies, we aim to expand access to areas that are difficult for the Yanmar Group to address on its own, and to achieve strategic returns that will strengthen the Group's competitiveness in the future. In our view, financial return means the success of the start-up company, thus the invested technology to benefit and to create value to the society. We want to support the success of startups by promoting co-creation with the strengths of Yanmar Group in order to grow startups’ transformative power into a form that can be delivered to society.

Based on our founder’s philosophy of “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE,” we will work toward the realization of a new value through technology, so that the co-creation activities of startups and the Yanmar Group will be returned to society. Thank you for your support.

Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd.

Nobuyuki Oda, CEO / Managing Partner


Company Name Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd.
  • Start-up investment and venture capital investment
  • Investment on securities
  • Investment partnership administration and asset management
  • Partnership investment and portfolio management
  • Management Consulting
Office 1-32, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Established April 9, 2021
Capital Capital Stock: 50 million JPY
Representative CEO/ Managing Partner: Nobuyuki Oda


  • Hakyu Line: from Umeda Station 5 mins on foot
  • Subway: from Umeda Station 7 mins on foot
  • JR Line: from Osaka station 10 mins on foot