Making a brighter future with talents we work with.


We commit to invest to leading-edge technology and deep tech startups, and strive to incubate them in co-creation with all our networks, thereby delivering social impacts and enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.

Utilization of Yanmar resources

Commit to start-up’s growth by leveraging Yanmar resources and networks.

Investment Scope & Criteria

We focus on investing in startups related to four areas in order to realize “A Sustainable Future”.


Sustainable food production


Global warming measures


Labor saving


Improving user experience

  • PtBio Inc.

    Business Description

    Research and development and safety evaluation of genome editing, etc.

    Cooperation Details

    Currently promoting collaboration at Yanmar Bio Innovation Center for metagenomics of bacteria materials for biocomposters

    Invested in: August 2021

  • Fairy Devices, Inc.

    Business Description

    Development and provision of speech recognition/speech translation related technologies, cloud infrastructure, and edge AI devices

    Cooperation Details

    Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. is collaborating to sell wearable solutions used for maintenance and inspection of factory equipment and other facilities externally after 2024

    Invested in: November 2021

  • Amogy Inc.

    Business Description

    Development and production of Amogy Power Pack using proprietary ammonia cracking technology

    Cooperation Details

    Looking toward decarbonization of commercial marine engines, considering the possibility of joint research and so on with Yanmar Research and Development Center

    Invested in: March 2023

  • Terrace Mile Inc.

    Business Description

    Development and sales of RightARM, a farm management support system

    Cooperation Details

    Yanmar Marche Co., Ltd. is considering collaboration to visualize GHG footprints in the value chain of agricultural products
    Yanmar Research and Development Center is considering collaboration for the development of a farm machinery sharing service

    Invested in: May 2023

  • IntegriCulture Inc.

    Business Description

    Development of cultured meat and cultured cosmetics using the CulNet System, a general-purpose large-scale cell culture system

    Cooperation Details

    Gathering information to achieve “sustainable food production”

    Invested in: May 2023

  • Nature Architects Inc.

    Business Description

    Providing a unique design technology, "Direct Functional Modeling (DFM),” using metamaterials

    Cooperation Details

    Exploring building relationships aimed at improving the performance of the product lineup handled by various companies within Yanmar Group and anticipating future environmental regulations

    Invested in: October 2023


We support the startups and challengers for the startups by leveraging Yanmar group resources and others.

Consisting of members with various specialized fields
and provides broad support.

  • Masaya Okawa
  • Minoru Okubo
  • Nobuyuki Oda
  • Saya Kimura
  • Junya Kusuno
  • Haruhiko Noda

Masaya Okawa

  • Director
  • Partner Doctor of Economics
  • • Joined Yanmar Diesel Co., Ltd. (current Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 1991.
    Started at a branch office, before working at an overseas Business Division, Finance Division, local subsidiary in Thailand, and the Business Administration Division. During this time, has engaged in the following business areas: accounting practices, establishment of overseas subsidiaries, fund management, fundraising, pension management, exchange management, budget management, investment management, and sales finance company management, etc.
  • • Currently serves as Director, CFO, and Financial Manager of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., and Directors of several subsidiaries
  • • Completed a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University. Doctor of Business Administration.
    Specialized in corporate finance and real options.

Minoru Okubo

  • Director
  • Partner Doctor of Engineering
  • • Joined Yanmar Diesel Co., Ltd. (current Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 1983 after graduating from the Doshisha University Graduate School of Engineering.
    Engaged in research on predictive machine vibration and noise reduction technology at the Research & Development Center. During this period, contributed to making all Yanmar products low vibration and low noise, advanced academic studies and summarized these studies, and in March 2005 received a PhD in engineering from the Doshisha University Graduate School. Conducted noise prediction research as a visiting researcher at Michigan Technological University from 1992 to 1994.
  • • In 2002, became the Manager of Electronics Development Center, promoting the consolidation and integration of controllers and electronic control for all Yanmar products, and promoted and realized the remote monitoring of agricultural and construction machinery, marine products, etc. Promoted to Executive Principal in 2009. Appointed Director of Research & Development Center in 2011. Appointed as the General Manager of Agricultural Business Unit in 2012, renewed tractors, combines, and rice transplanters and introduced them to the market as YT Tractors, YH Combines, and YR Rice Transplanters. Appointed as the Manager of Electronic Control Development Division in 2016. Became the Deputy Group General Manager of Innovation and Technology Division from 2017.
  • • Currently Director at Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd., concurrently with Director of Kansai Electronics Industry Association and Director of Embedded System Industry Promotion Organization

Nobuyuki Oda

  • CEO/Managing Partner
  • Doctor of Science
  • • At the UFJ Research Institute, engaged in management consulting services mainly for SMEs, and at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory, participated in the launch of an intellectual property group. Engaged in corporate acquisitions, startup investment, new business development, technical strategic planning and intellectual property assessment in the fields of electricity, electronics, machinery, materials, and life sciences, and conducted mentoring activities for startups at the MIT Entrepreneur Forum Japan, etc.
  • • Joined the Yanmar Group in 2011. After executing corporate acquisitions focused on cross-borders as a deal manager in Corporate Planning Division, became the Manager of Corporate Planning Division and engaged in medium-term strategic planning and the reform of Group projects Currently responsible for Yanmar Group startup investments as a representative of Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd.
  • • Graduated from the Department of Molecular Materials Science at the Graduate School of Science from Osaka City University, completing the degree early by combining semesters. Was a JSPS Research Fellow as an enrollee in his doctoral course (DC1). Doctor of Science. Completed Columbia Business School Certificate in Business Excellence.

Saya Kimura

  • Juris Doctor
  • Senior Staff for CEO
  • Corporate Planning
  • • After graduating from university, joined Yanmar Co., Ltd. (current Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.).
    After joining the company, in the Legal Division, mainly engaged in international legal affairs, especially in dealing with PL lawsuits in the United States. Won two PL lawsuits in the United States (Yanmar Co., Ltd. V. slater, 386 S.W.3d. 439, 443 (Ark. 2012) and Wanda H. Jonson Admx of Estate of Aaron Eamest Johnson v. Yanmar Co., Ltd. Et al, Case No. 02-CV-2005-001141.00 (13th Cir. Alabama)).
  • • In 2013, joined the Corporate Planning Division of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., where engaged mainly in cross-border corporate acquisitions (7 overseas projects and 2 domestic projects).
  • • Currently belongs to the Corporate Planning of Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd.
  • • Juris Doctor

Junya Kusuno

  • Senior Coordinator
  • Business Creation
  • • After graduating from university, joined Yanmar Co., Ltd. (current Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.).
    Engaged in electronic control development at the Research & Development Center. After developing controllers for agricultural and construction machinery, launched SMARTASSIST-Remote system. Between 2013 and 2015, stationed at YANMAR R&D Europe, a European research center in Italy, and studied robotics engineering at Università di Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. After returning to Japan, worked on the development of the GNSS/IMU system for Robot Tractor and contributed to the market launch of this product. Since 2020, engaged in planning and submitting technical strategies at the company’s Technology Strategy Division.
  • • Currently, Group Leader, Strategy Group, Technology Strategy Division, Innovation & Technology Division, Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • • Specializes in electronics, robotics, IoT, and strategic planning and drafting.
  • • 2017-2019 SATEX (Satellite Positioning & Location Service EXPO) executive member

Haruhiko Noda

  • Senior Capitalist
  • Investment
  • • After graduating from university, joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. At the Seoul branch, where having spent eight years, mainly in charge of Korean conglomerate corporations belonging to the petrochemical, energy, and telecommunications industries, and involved in a wide variety of cross-border projects. Afterwards, joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Group LLC and engaged in several projects in relation to the establishment and operation of CVCs for major corporations, while participating in startup support and founding support projects operated by government agencies. In 2021, joined ENEOS Group and mainly engaged in investment business operations from CVC subsidiaries in domestic and overseas startups in the decarbonization and mobility fields, and business operations planning in relation to the launch of new businesses, etc.
  • • Joined Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd. in 2022 and belongs to the Investment Division. He is in charge of a series of professional duties related to investment, from sourcing to investment execution and exit.
  • • Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA), Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan (CMA), Highest Level in the Test of Proficiency in Korean, Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center (ASAC) External Mentor