Company Profile

as of July 1, 2023

Company Name
IntegriCulture Inc.
7F, 4-1-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Board Members
Representative Director
Yuki Hanyu
October 23, 2015

Business Overview

IntegriCulture provides manufacturing technologies for cellular products, including cultured meat and fish, as well as cell-ag cosmetics, in the form of production equipment, materials and services as industrial infrastructure that may be used by a wide range of players. Its mission is to “popularize cellular agriculture” through that type of infrastructure, in order to make safe and affordable cultured foods and a variety of other cellular agriculture products available worldwide. “CulNet System” is the core technology that makes these services possible and has been patented internationally. It reconstructs cell culture, used in regenerative medicine research, on a completely different premise, that is, food production.

Our Strengths

Foreign ventures are developing cultured meat also, but their production processes employ large amounts of serum components. Serum components are extremely costly and involve multiple issues, including their legality as food additives and consumer acceptance. As for culture equipment, there are medical-grade products on the market, but their prices are not comparable. For that reason, at present, the price of cultured meat exceeds 100,000 JPY per kilogram, and technical challenges remain in terms of price and quality. Additionally, food brands are fundamentally very fluid, and even if single branded products may be developed, there is a significant risk that they will not become established in the market.

In contrast, our solutions, which allow to culture a wide variety of cells without serum components, are versatile enough to produce a variety of products more in line with consumer demand and at lower costs on the customer side, thus being less affected by food brand fluidity. IntegriCulture has also independently developed equipment as core technology based on the new premise of food production, and has been granted international patents.