Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

December 15, 2021
Nobuyuki Oda
CEO / Managing Partner
Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd.

Enacted on December 15, 2021

Yanmar Ventures Co., Ltd. hereby declares the following Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces in order to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of our business.

  1. Yanmar Ventures will eliminate all relationships, including business relationships, with anti-social forces.
  2. Yanmar Ventures will decisively refuse any unreasonable demand from, will not engage in any transactions with or provide funds to anti-social forces. We will take legal action as necessary.
  3. For any unreasonable demand from anti-social forces, Yanmar Ventures, including its top management, will closely cooperate with the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers and other external expert organizations in responding to such an unreasonable demand and take necessary measures to ensure that the Company can obtain appropriate advice and cooperation for measures against anti-social forces.
  4. Yanmar Ventures will take a firm attitude against anti-social forces and ensure the safety of officers and employees.