Fairy Devices

Company Profile

as of March 31, 2023

Company Name
Fairy Devices, Inc.
Yushima Urban Building 7F, 2-31-22 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Board Members
Representative Director
Masato Fujino
April 9, 2007

Business Overview

Fairy Devices, Inc. (“Fairy Devices”) provides technology stacks for spoken dialogue systems as elemental technologies, along with integrated hardware, cloud computing and AI to industrial sites in order to improve site efficiency through remote support and work records, while accumulating site data and building highly skilled AI for connected worker solutions, in line with its business objective of “developing products that help warm users’ hearts.” Fairy Devices contributes to speeding up DX mainly in maintenance, but also in construction, factories, plants, transportation, infrastructure, etc. at various sites.

Our Strengths

Industrial sites around the world require DX by building digital twins, and “on-site work data collection” is the key to achieving that. However, the shapes of air conditioners, the internal structure of outdoor units, the control board of engines, the status of server racks in data centers, among other examples of important on-site work data that could serve as standards in each industry do not exist on the Internet, and even GAFAM does not possess them. In addition to cutting-edge research on audio AI, we provide solutions to accumulate and utilize such on-site work data by vertically integrating apps, cloud computing, and AI, and operating hardware that simultaneously (1) provide comfort for workers’ daily use and (2) collect high-quality data that can be learned by AI.