PtBio Inc.

Company Profile

as of March 31, 2023

Company name
PtBio Inc.
3-10-23, Kagamiyama, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Board Members
Representative director
Keisuke Okuhara
August 30, 2019

Business Overview

PtBio aims to serve as a platform that can be used to design biological functions that are required by industry via Bio-DX and genome editing technologies.
Our unique bioinformatics-based Bio-DX technology enables "data-driven breeding." It can be used to identify genes that help us address social issues, rapidly screen for optimal breeding environments, and quickly locate varieties with the desired functions. In addition, we have applied our proprietary genome editing technology to meet the needs of each industry, turning the "enhancement of biological functions” into reality.
Formed by enterprise and co-creation partners from various industries, our company advances solutions to various social problems by utilizing the technologies offered by Bio-DX and genome editing platforms.

Our Company’s Strengths

Efforts to improving the expression of biological functions have led to advances in a variety of applications, such as in food, medicine, decarbonization, and upcycling. However, these advances have been based on rules of thumb, and the mechanisms underlying these biological functions have thus far been black boxed. This research gap has constrained enterprises that are seeking to commercialize these advances and penetrate into their respective markets.
PtBio is home to highly specialized talent, including the best minds in genome editing and bioinformatics, and our unique strength lies in our ability to enhance biological functions by leveraging the hitherto inaccessible domain of "biological genomic information" via our proprietary technologies.