Other Standard Equipment

High-capacity fuel tank

A capacity of 50 liters lets you work all day without having to stop for refueling.

Lockable fuel cap

Secure your valuable fuel supply.

Side mirrors

Right and left side mirrors are standard.

High visiblity LCD meter

The intuitive LCD display lets you see what you need, when you need it, even in daylight.

Projector-type headlight

Low and high beam let you pierce through the darkness to keep working after the sun goes down.

12 V accessory socket

Charge smartphones and other devices while on the go.
(Cigar USB Socket not included)


Yanmar provides ROPS as standard to reduce the chance of injury in the event of tractor roll over.


Convenient storage for drinks, devices and whatever else you need.

Seat belt

The standard-fitted seatbelt helps prevent injury in the even of an accident.

Tool box

No need to head back for tools when this toolbox is right near your feet.
(Tools not included)


A canopy protects the operator from the harsh elements.

Wide Step

A wide step allows the operator to get on / off the tractor smoothly.

Easy Maintenance

Hood access

The gas-damper equipped hood opens to a full 80 degrees for easy access.

Grease fittings

Allocating greasing nipples to appropriate locations. Periodical refilling of grease maintains the life of your machine.

Large-capacity maintenance-free battery

Gives you the power to get your working day started. Consult the battery indicators for any necessary maintenance.

Large fuel / water separator

Prevents water/moisture and dust from entering the engine.

Engine oil / engine oil filter

Well accessible without removing any surrounding parts like side covers.Assisting easy inspection of engine oil.

Genuine Spare Parts

Yanmar's genuine spare parts support you for long-machine life and maximize the work performance for long time.

Long-life transmission fluid TF500T

A long life of up to 600 hrs, means you save time and money on transmission fluid changes. (Sold separately)

Dealer options

Front weight (1A8253-10300)
Front bracket (1A8253-10200)

Mount up to five 30kg weights for added stability.

Rear wheel weight (1A8253-34990)

Mount any combination of one 20kg, and two 25kg weights for a maximum of 70kg, on the rear wheels for added traction.

Rear working light (1A8253-54100)

Light up the night with this rear-mounted lamp.

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