• Paddy, Dry Field, or Hauling: The YM is a versatile tractor that has no equal in the demanding conditions of Southeast Asian agriculture.

Paddy, dry field, or hauling

Newly designed rotary tiller

The innovative design means that even tilling at high speed causes little loss of power as most soil does not travel into the rotary, while the long stroke of the rear cover rakes the soil for a more beautiful finish.

Long rear cover

The rear cover is longer by 15% than the conventional one, with the broader raking surface giving a beautiful finish.

Ground clearance

Great clearance is the key to powering on in muddy conditions or passing over crops without damaging them.

Hydraulic lift capacity

Even large and heavy implements like plows or planters can be raised with ease to perform wide range of work.
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Tight turns

Turn the wheels all the way over to their maximum 55 degrees for tight turns at the end of the row and those tough corners.

Drawbar Hitch

Equipped with a drawbar (clevis type) as standard for hauling and towing a variety of loads.

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