• Powerful and Fuel-Efficient: YANMAR's original combustion technology gets
the most out of every drop of fuel for a powerful engine that is long lasting.

Powerful and fuel-Efficient

Direct-injection diesel engine

Illustration YM357A.

Developer of the world's first small diesel engine, YANMAR's extensive fuel injection and combustion technology comes together in this powerful and reliable package. Whether plowing or puddling, the YM tractor offers excellent fuel efficiency and outstanding durability. Try the YM357A's three-liter, long-stroke engine for superior power and reliability.

Monoplunger fuel injection pump

The pump supplies fuel at uniformly high pressure to the fuel injector of each cylinder, for even combustion, smoother power and less vibration.

Fuel injector

The precision designed injector nozzle atomizes the fuel at high pressure for introduction to the cylinder.
Illustration YM357A.

Original combustion chamber design

The combustion chamber is specially shaped to promote an even fuel-air mixture and complete combustion for high power and low emissions.
Illustration YM357A.

Two-stage air filter

Two-stage filtration removes grit and dust from the air intake to prevent piston ring wear.

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