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Hyatt Place Hotel

“We are proud to be the first hotel in the United States operating with YANMAR mCHP. The installed 10 kW system has lived up to its expected performance and savings, and has provided our facility with seamless operation.” – Hyatt Place Hotel

  • Products : CHP
  • Application : Hotel
  • Location : Portland, Maine, United States
  • Commissioning Date : April 2, 2014


The Hyatt Place Hotel in Portland, Maine is a 130-room hotel, which opened in 2014. In collaboration with Sparhawk Group, a Maine based engineering firm, YANMAR installed a 10kW natural gas cogeneration unit on the roof of the hotel. Other green features of the hotel include in-unit occupancy and temperature controls, ventilation air heat recovery, LED lighting and high efficiency boilers and hot water heaters.


Sparhawk Group analyzed several sites and projects that had a need for large, year-round domestic hot water loads that could use the heat produced by the CHP unit. However, the Hyatt Hotel was selected after considering multiple factors across seven different potential sites. YANMAR mCHP was chosen because the YANMAR name is well known for quality and reliability in the marine industry, and Portland is a major commercial fishing, recreational boating and cruise ship destination. The YANMAR mCHP solution was also the best supported option out of all the potential suppliers, and unit features such as quiet operation, outdoor installation packages, built-in load balancing and a waste heat radiator helped convince the Hyatt and engineering firm to design it in. The 10kW unit now provides a portion of the domestic hot water and power to the hotel, and is able to run at full capacity by storing water in a preheat tank. Once the preheat tank is full, both that tank and primary hot water heating tanks are superheated overnight to help meet peak morning hour demands.

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Using natural gas, the CP10WN’s high-efficiency generator provides 10kW of electrical power. The engine heat is captured and heats water at a rated temperature of 158°F for immediate use or storage in your facility.

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