News Release


June 28, 2016
Yanmar Asia (S) Corporation Pte Ltd
Writer : Jeanne Tan

After last year’s successful collaboration, Yanmar Asia (YASC) and Azumi geared up a second time to further promote Yanmar products to the Philippine market at the nation’s only exclusive Shipbuilding and Maritime event. This is the second consecutive year YASC and Azumi has teamed up for Marine Philippines, and the exhibition’s third consecutive year running. The event was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, spanning a total of three days from Jun 6 to Jun 8.

More than 300 international delegates were present for the Philippines International Marine Conference held concurrently at the event, and the exhibition itself drew thousands of people through its doors, including renowned designers, shipyard owners, and workboat owners.
The Philippines placed 4th in last year’s world rankings as the largest Shipbuilding industry based on gross tonnage, behind China, South Korea, and Japan. That makes it the biggest Shipbuilding industry in Southeast Asia, a lucrative and promising market for YASC and Azumi to work on.

Yanmar was among one of the biggest names that went on exhibition during the event, alongside heavyweight competitors like Mitsubishi and Weichai. The Yanmar 6HYM-WET engine, the company’s best-selling engine in the Philippine market, also went on display at the exhibition.

Despite fierce competition, YASC and Azumi were able to attract many potential customers, discussing future business ventures with big time organizations such as Archipelago Philippines Ferries Corporation (APFC) and Frabelle Fishing Corporation.

The helm of APFC, Chairman Chet Pastrana also graced the event. His company has been a loyal supporter of Yanmar products, previously placing an order of 10 vessels, each equipped with 4 units of Yanmar engines and gearboxes. APFC is currently planning a similar project that would likely require the support of Yanmar and her engines once again. YASC and Azumi were delighted at the news which highlighted the trust and bond between maker and customer.

YASC and Azumi also aims to further expand Yanmar’s market share in the workboats sector in the near future.

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