News Release

YASC (Yanmar Asia) 4th Outdoor CSR ACTIVITY: Beach Cleaning at East Coast Beach

August 29, 2016
Yanmar Asia (S) Corporation Pte Ltd

YASC recently had its 4th Outdoor CSR Activity at East Coast Beach on 30th July 2016. Participants volunteered to clean up the beach so as to contribute to a sustainable and clean society. There were a total number of 42 participants consisting of 33 staff members and 9 friends and family members. Rubbish picked up during the cleanup included small pieces of styrofoam, cigarette butts, used rubber bands and pieces of wood with nails. During the beach cleaning, participants worked and bonded with one another. The activity was also an excellent opportunity for the children who took part to learn more about CSR and the importance of our environment. With enthusiasm and support from the participants, the event was a success. Not only was the environment cleaner, lessons were learnt and teamwork was built.

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