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Importance of Product Training – SCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction System)

October 17, 2018
Yanmar Asia (S) Corporation Pte Ltd

Importance of Product Training – SCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction System)

19 September 2018 - To create a positive customer experience, sales and engineer team must be equipped with the required product knowledge to deliver optimal solutions of superior quality. This is to gain our customers’ everlasting trust not only in Yanmar product but the company and the person interacting with them.
Yanmar Asia (YASC) invited Mr Tsuyoshi Inoue, Senior Engineer, trainer from Yanmar Japan to Singapore to conduct SCR system training. Approximately 30 participants had attended the training – sales and engineering team of YASC and YASC’s authorized distributor, Chong Lee Leong Seng Co Ltd (CLLS).
The training covered extensively on the function, usage and technical aspects of the SCR systems including the explanation of the concept of urea water (safe reducing agent) being injected into the exhaust gas and utilizing the exhaust gas heat to produce ammonia. Few cases of actual site installation were also shared at the training.
With the right product knowledge, the team will be more confident and efficient in delivering better customer experience.
To understand more about Yanmar SCR System, please refer to link below.

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