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  • SMARTASSIST World leading Information and Communications Technology to get the most out of your Agricultural Equipment.

Utilizing Information-Communication Technologies in Agriculture

SmartAssist is a total support solution for farmers.

Using a GPS and a communication terminal, SmartAssist collects extensive data on operating conditions in real-time. This data is then used to protect your equipment and optimize the operational conditions, whilst also averting costly breakdowns. This labor-saving technology eases equipment management and contributes to reductions in your equipment's life cycle cost.

With a complete history of machine operating conditions and farming operations being stored and analyzed, SmartAssist provides added productivity to your operations and cultivation planning.

Advanced Farming from Both a Business and Environmental Perspective

With an ever increasing demand for safe food and an agricultural industry in the midst of a transformation, agricultural management is changing with the needs of the times. This kind of “Sustainable Agriculture” is just what Yanmar is striving for to improve farmers' profitability while minimizing the impact of farming on the environment. Combining cutting edge technology with inspired solutions, Yanmar seeks to utilize data analysis to unlock secrets that were previously the realm of experience or intuition and drive the evolution of agriculture. The desire "To ease the farmer's burden" was what drove Yanmar's founder Magokichi Yamaoka. This spirit is embodied in SmartAssist, as it offers farmers streamlined agricultural management for a more sophisticated approach to farming.

SmartAssist is Not Limited to Agriculture

SmartAssist is a multi-industry application. Currently SmartAssist is in use in the construction industry and plans are underway for its application with marine pleasure boats, in addition to a host of other products.

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SmartAssist Features and Main Technologies

For theft prevention, if your equipment’s operation exceeds limits which you have defined, you will be alerted by email.

The machine diagnostics service enables optimized maintenance.

If any trouble should occur, the error notification service will instantly alert you, leading to a faster appreciation of the problem.

Data on machine operating conditions are represented in an easily understood visual format, a valuable management tool towards greater efficiency and managerial improvement.

The operation data automatically sent from your equipment can form the basis for detailed daily logs; a useful tool for bolstering your productive capacity.

Machine operation data can be linked up with the production history management tool FaceFarm by Sorimachi Co., Ltd.