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YANMAR has been a committed and innovative manufacturer of marine diesel engines since 1973, when an oil availability crisis prompted the development of an economical, high fuel efficiency, marine diesel engine. YANMAR developed its first high-fuel efficiency marine engine by utilizing a fresh water-cooling system, coupled with a seawater heating system. This engine was completed in 1975. But it didn’t stop there. The innovation continued, and a new engine was released in 1977. By the time the 1990’s hit, YANMAR was in full production, creating 30 new marine engine models that decade. The engineering continues to evolve as we move well into the 2000s.

Since those early days, YANMAR has continued to live up to its goals of producing innovative, fuel- efficient, environmentally-conscious marine power solutions. Because YANMAR’s eco-friendly technology delivers power smoothly by utilizing optimum combustion conditions across a wide operating range, exhaust emissions are lowered, and fuel efficiency is boosted. YANMAR applies common rail technology to ensure compliance with EPA regulations in the United States.

After a customer chooses to purchase a YANMAR marine engine, they are continually supported by our trained distribution network. We offer around-the-clock product support, parts sales, and more. This enables the YANMAR marine engine customer to take the leap and make a confident purchase without fear of future regret due to lack of support.

YANMAR is proud to remain a major player in the commercial marine industry, continuing to hold the place of Japan’s largest marine engine supplier. This success is due, in-part, to the fact that we create custom solutions for each individual customer’s needs. This specialization option, coupled with our thorough on-water operational testing, makes YANMAR’s marine engine options attractive and trusted pieces of technology.

Why YANMAR Commercial Marine Engines?

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Video testimonial for YANMAR 6AYAM-ET engines with YXH-240L 4.89 ratio gearbox repowered by W.W. Williams in the William Breckinridge tug, a member of Biblia, Inc. fleet based in Savannah, GA.

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“These engines perform better than expected, while also offering quieter operation than the engines they replaced and over any other engine I have ever installed in a tug. The fuel consumption is also exceeding expectations especially for the engine’s horsepower range.” – Tommy Echols, E Squared Marine Services, LLC.

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YANMAR Commercial Marine Engines' Highlights


From entering the commercial marine diesel engine industry in 1973, YANMAR has continued to develop its marine engine technology to include higher fuel efficiency, more power, and more eco-friendly, sustainable technology. Moving forward into the mid-2000s, we look forward to continued growth and advancement in the exciting marine engine industry.

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YANMAR’s marine engine investment is supported by our three Japanese engineering and manufacturing plants. This enables us to have the complete product quality control.

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In line with YANMAR’s mission and founder’s vision, we are committed to developing all marine engines in accordance with sustainable and eco-friendly technology — and not only ensuring that that technology is environmentally sound, but also powerful, efficient, and high quality.

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Premium Lifecycle Value:

At YANMAR, we are committed to supporting our customers from the point of purchase, through the lifespan of their machine. Because of this commitment, we offer round-the-clock support and parts availability through our large customer support network.

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