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Reducing environmental impact while delivering value through long-term safety and economical performance - Yanmar Commercial Marine Engines -

Reducing environmental impact
while delivering value through long-term safety
and economical performance

- Yanmar Commercial Marine Engines -

“Life Cycle Value”
Yanmar aims to increase the value provided
by engines throughout the long life of your vessel.

Engines that keep going throughout the long lifetime of your vessel. At Yanmar, we’re committed to achieving “Increased Life Cycle Value” that continues to provide you with the absolute maximum value throughout the lifetime of your vessel.

We offer a broad product lineup which reflects the concepts of “Increased Life Cycle Value” and “Environmental Performance”, and which is built with unique technology developed throughout our long history.
We believe it is our mission to generate and maximize "Value" throughout the entire lifetime of your vessel.

Fundamental research and product development
Technologies crafted by us, tailored for you.

Fundamental Research
We conduct fundamental research at research centers located around the globe, and provide our customers with "Value" over the mid and long-term future. We are continually innovating, developing unique technologies essential for sustainable development and the protection of the global environment of the future.
Product Development
In the development phase, we feed into our products the technology established during fundamental research. By incorporating each and every request fed back to us from our customers, we are able to produce “high-performance products which are trusted by customers".

Environmentally conscious and economical,
and built with a comprehensive approach to development, production, and service that anticipates the needs of our customers.

At Yanmar, we have our own in-house fundamental research and product development division, and this team incorporates to our products technologies which have been developed at our own R&D facilities. Listening to the needs of our customers, we produce engines which achieve a balance between “Environmental Performance” and “Increased Life Cycle Value”.
From our environmentally conscious and highly economical lineup, we can provide the optimal solution matched to your vessel type and usage requirements.

In-house integrated production system
consistent manufacturing with meticulous attention to detail.

At Yanmar, our in-house production system manufactures products of consistently high quality. Our main production factories are in Amagasaki and Tsukaguchi, where we mass produce diesel and gas engines, and also manufacture gas turbine engines.
In addition, the factories also promote automation and labor saving with the use of our own high-performance specialist equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.
Moreover, by utilizing an order entry system adapted to our product’s characteristics, and by establishing a quality control system, we can produce products of outstanding quality.

Delivering peace of mind, safety, and life cycle value
with our high-quality service engineering and global network.

Yanmar’s after-service ensures increased life cycle value for our customers. Information for each individual engine serial number is stored and managed on a database, helping us to provide peace of mind and safety when you're out at sea.

Moreover, from rapid parts supply and providing training on engine maintenance techniques, through to engine performance analysis/diagnosis for preventing malfunctions, we strive to deliver customer value from every aspect.

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