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Yanmar’s Electric Propulsion Systems

Yanmar's electric propulsion system delivers next generation technology, offering superb environmental and economic performance with robust reliability, maintainability and comfort.

Yanmar Offers a New Direction for Marine Power

Electric propulsion systems utilize electrical power to drive propeller blades for propulsion. From commercial and research ships through to fishing vessels, over recent years, electric propulsion has gained momentum in a wide range of marine applications across Europe and in Japan. Our power system offers improved economic and environmental performance, with robust reliability and reduced life cycle costs, with consideration for the environment. At Yanmar we handle all areas relating to the electric propulsion system from engine design and manufacture to making hull design improvements.

Electric Propulsion System Overview

A Propulsion System That Outrivals Conventional Propulsion Engines in Efficiency and Functionality

In conventional power system arrangements, the ship’s propellers are driven by a diesel propulsion engine while the supply of electricity for the other shipboard loads is transmitted via the shipboard generators. In electric propulsion systems, the power used to drive the propellers becomes an electrical load meaning that the generators can take care of all shipboard loads. As shown in the diagram below, 3 generator-drive engines are referred to as the "ship’s electric power station" supplying power for both propulsion and electrical requirements on board.