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CSR Activities (Outside of Japan)

List of CSR activities by international group companies

Name der Firma Aktivitäten Classification
YANMAR AMERICA Donating Christmas presents, gift cards to children living in facilities Community Activities
Donating to facilities that support children who have been abused or neglected Community Activities Details
Cleaning and maintenance of facilities for the homeless Community Activities
TUFF TORQ Sponsoring a recycling event Umwelt
YANMAR COMPACT EQUIPMENT NORTH AMERICA Participating in fundraising events Community Activities Details
Donating to food banks Community Activities
Participating in local events Community Activities
Supporting YMCA activities Community Activities
YANMAR EUROPE Sponsoring and participating in local events Community Activities Details
YANMAR COMPACT EQUIPMENT EMEA Joining event to fight breast cancer Community Activities Details
Donating to organizations working to cure cancer Community Activities
Blood donations at our factory in France Community Activities Details
Supporting a local marathon event Culture / Sports sponsorship
Factory tours to introduce the company Employment creation/support for job seekers
Sponsoring a music festival Culture / Sports sponsorship
YANMAR ASIA (SINGAPORE) Holding seminars on recycling to employees Umwelt Details
Participating in food bank activities Community Activities
YANMAR S.P. Donating engines, OA equipment, and sporting goods Community Activities Details
YANMAR CAPITAL (THAILAND) Responding to Thailand’s new law “Personal Data Protection Act” Others Details
Supporting local farmers to register on the Farm Book Community Activities Details
PT. YANMAR INDONESIA Holding blood donation campaigns in the company Community Activities Details
Holding a charity event for orphans Community Activities
YANMAR KOTA KINABALU R&D CENTER Hosting interns from a Japanese school Employment creation/support for job seekers Details
Hosting interns from a local university Employment creation/support for job seekers Details
Charity visits to orphanages for donations Community Activities
Recycling activities Umwelt
YANMAR AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY KOREA Donating to wildfire recovery Disaster recovery support
YANMAR ENGINE (SHANGHAI) Donating bug zappers Community Activities
YANMAR AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT (CHINA) Holding in-house sales events for regional specialties Community Activities
YANMAR ENGINE (SHANDONG) Donating to a support facility for people with disabilities Community Activities Details
Participating in a local school event for kids Community Activities

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