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Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd.

Kiyosa Egashira

In the marine industry, Yanmar has provided recreational boat engines and fishing boats for more than a half century. Backed by reliable technologies, our products are highly regarded for their reliability, durability and environmental performance in the waters all over the world.

In April 2020,Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was renamed Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd. (YMIA) and began selling boat in Asia and enabling people to have new marine experiences.

YMIA's mission is
“Shaping the future of exceptional marine experience with innovative technologies”.

Based on the experience accumulated in Western countries, Yanmar’s marine business continues to refine its products supported by a half-century of history and it will continue to provide customers around the world with optimal solutions adapted to the changing times and enable them to have exciting marine experiences.

YMIA ValuesYMIA Values

  • Eco-friendly energy
    conversion technology

    To keep the seas beautiful, we strive to develop engines, next-generation boats and other boat designed for decarbonization that are fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and clean.

  • Contributing tothe
    sustainability of

    Based on our technologies, such as biotechnology for increasing the sustainability of fisheries, we help the seafood producers who deliver the blessings of the sea to dining tables to reduce labor and increase profit.

  • Ensuring that
    the customer's time
    on the sea is exciting

    We provide people to have new marine experiences based on our proposal that people should go out on the sea and enrich their lives as well as provide products mainly focusing on cruisers and other boats.

Example of Initiatives

Recommendation of Japanese-style fishing in other Asian nations and regions

Yanmar’s recreational boats have been developed with features specifically for fishing, such as a spanker for stopping without an anchor in a place suitable for fishing without drifting in the wind. A spacious deck also available for customer’s comfort to fish on sunny day. YANMAR boats have been highly regarded in Japan for many years.
We are making the Yanmar boats that represent Japanese-style recreational fishing available throughout Asia where marine activities have yet to spread widely. we would like to introduce Japanese-style fishing and the a new excitement of fishing.


Company name Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd.
President Kiyosa Egashira
Established January 11, 1972
Capital 90 million yen
Location 3286-3 Itoharu, Musashi-machi, Kunisaki-shi, Oita 873-0421
of business
Development, manufacturing and sale of recreational boats, FRP boats,
special ships and marine equipment,
sale of these products to Asia and services related to them,
and production and sale of farm and marine products and biological feed


3286-3 Itoharu, Musashi-machi, Kunisaki-shi, Oita 873-0421



Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is established.
Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. builds a new plant and starts operating in Ushimado-cho, Oku-gun, Okayama.


ntroduces the A-250, a 1.2-ton boat for pole-and-line fishing.
This is the first model of Yanmar FRP fishing boat.


The new head office in Okayama is unveiled. Start of operation.


The Ushimado Branch of Yanmar Diesel's Technological Development Headquarters Laboratory is established.
(Collaborative research begins with the goal of finding the best match of FRP boat and engine.)


Oita Division's new plant is completed and starts operating.


Cumulative number of FRP boats produced reaches 20,000.
Production of the Marine Hunter series of diesel outdrive fishing boats starts.


Production of the FS Series of fish tanks starts.


Production of the DE-Z Tobiuo Series of leisure fishing boats starts.


Cumulative number of FRP boats produced reaches 30,000.


Production of pontoons for marina use starts.

Yanmar Marine Farm is completed.


The world's lightest FRP blade for wind power generation is developed for testing at 200 kw.


Production of the FX-Z Toprun Series of fishing boats starts.


Production of the EX Series of full-scale diesel inboard
powered fishing boats starts.


Cumulative number of FRP boats produced reaches 50,000.


Transfers the head office to Oita and centralizes
the company's production activities in the head office.

Production of Zarpa26,
the boat commemorating the company's 30th anniversary, starts.


ISO14001 certified.


The FS6000A fish tank receives a FY2009 excellence prize for energy-saving equipment.
(Japan Machinery Federation)

Production of Net cleaning robot,Sensui-Kun, starts.


The Y-CONCEPT X39 EXPRESS CRUISER is manufactured as part of Yanmar Premium Brand Project.


Forms a technological partnership with
Australian company Nauticraft and starts research into suspension boats.


After reorganization, Yanmar's marine recreational engine businesses are merged.
At the same time, the company is renamed Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd.


Merges the bio businesses
(marine farm).


The Company has marked the 50th anniversary of its founding.

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