Shaping the future of exceptional
marine experience
with innovative technologies

Yanmar Marine
International Asia Co., Ltd.

Advanced Technologies Bring
Exceptional Marine Experience

Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd. (YMIA)
has operated for a half century centering on development and manufacturing
of boat and marine equipment.

In the marine industry, we employ a hybrid system and other advanced eco-friendly technologies to protect
the beauty of the sea and safely deliver the blessings of the sea to our customers.
We provide customers the means to enjoy marine leisure and having their relax time on the sea.
This way, we support our customers in many different situations
on the sea and produce exceptional marine experience.

YMIA FeatureOur 5 Strengths

  • Shipbuilding

    More than 50 years of
    FRP boat*Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

    Combining the long history of our Engine drive and Shipbuilding technologies, Our boats are highly dependable and trusted by the people who spend their time on the sea.

  • In-house

    Capability of developing and
    manufacturing from
    core engine to
    boat all in-house

    As YANMAR can internally develop and manufacture engines, systems and boats, we are able to achieve the overall optimization of a boats, fulfill the detailed needs of our customers and promptly create finished products based on their needs.

  • Reliability

    Long history of reliable
    marine engines

    In 1933, Yanmar became the first company in the world to successfully downsize a diesel engine. Yanmar entered the marine engine market in 1947, and since then it has earned a significant amount of trust on the oceans around the world.

  • Global

    Global network of engine sales

    Yanmar sells marine engines in more than 130 countries around the world. The company is highly regarded, mainly in the Western countries, and it's among the companies with the largest share of the global sail boat engine market.

  • Technology

    With our advanced technologies to
    protect our sea

    We are working on the research and development of electrification and other advanced technologies in pursuit of marine carbon neutrality.

What we want, is to create an exceptional
marine experience

By solving different problems on our sea, we provide new values from
seafood producers to people who love to spend time on the sea.

StoryHistory of YMIA

After the launch of Yanmar’s FRP boat business, Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was established in Okayama in 1972.
In October of the same year, the A-250 was completed. This is the first FRP boat from Yanmar. When many of the coastal fishing boats in Japan were wooden, YMIA make a revolution to the popularization of high-durability FRP boats.
Leveraging our excellent FRP technologies, we have also expanded our share of the fishing boat market since 1980, focusing on the development and manufacturing of recreational boats.

Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. head office plant (Okayama, 1973)

Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd.

Kunisaki City, Oita
(head office of former Yanmar Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.)

Change to experienceGoing beyond manufacturing

Yanmar Marine International Asia Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 to facilitate the continued growth of marine business. Combining many different resources, we have globalized boat business and expanded the customer touchpoints by providing, for example, premium cruising experiences on our flagship X47 EXPRESS CRUISER. We strive to provide new marine experiences to share the enjoyment of the sea with many people.

Recreational cruise business with premium cruisers

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America's Cup

The America's Cup is not only the pinnacle of yacht racing in the world but also has a history dating back to 1851, making it the oldest international sports event in the world. Yanmar serves as the official sponsor of the 37th edition of the event, supporting those who continue to push their limits.