Our Businesses

YMIA's goal is to ensure a future where the sea is beautiful and vibrant forever,
based on advanced technologies such as eco-friendly energy conversion
technologies and the biotechnology that ensures the sustainability of fisheries.
We also provide high-quality experiences for people
to spend time enjoying the sea and highly advanced products
that meet users’ needs.

Our Products

Boat*Recreational boats and fishing boats

Premium cruisers

  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales

*co-produced and co-developed with Italian company AZIMUT

We provide premium cruisers, including the flagship model from the Yanmar brand. The X39 EXPRESS CRUISER was a part of the Premium Brand Project which started in 2012 to commemorate our 100th anniversary. The X47 EXPRESS CRUISER, the latest model descended from the X39, is also in our lineup of products.
The cruiser proposes a new style of marine experience. For example, it enables users to island hopping at high speed and spend time relaxing on uninhabited islands or on the sea. The cruiser is also suitable for cruising in urban areas. Equipped with two suite cabins, a lounge and a kitchen, the cruiser provides an unprecedented, extraordinary experience on the sea.


  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales

We are presenting the NAUTIQUE G Series Powered by YANMAR, equipped with Yanmar’s 8LV marine diesel engine, in the category of tow boats for wakeboarding. The NAUTIQUE G Series achieves the compatibility of an engine with the highest output in its class, 370 horsepower, fuel efficiency and smooth acceleration. Its compact design produces low noise and low vibration. It creates a wave that helps deliver the maximum performance that is essential for wakeboarding.

Recreational boats/Fishing boats

  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales

Based on our accumulation of FRP technologies over more than 50 years, our boat production encompasses the entire process from cast production to FRP forming, assembly and outfitting. When developing a boat , we value the voices of our customers, and seek to identify the optimal shape based on historical data from more than 50 thousand boat, conduct prototype tests and add improvements. Our sales activities extend overseas, with a focus in Asia.*Recreational boat is available only for Asian market.

Marine engines

  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales*Engines are available from Yanmar Marine International Co., Ltd.

Exclusively designed for marine use, the reliability, durability and environmental performance of our marine diesel engines is superior, and they are trusted by customers all over the world. The engines are provided to fishing boats, commercial ships, recreational boats and other boats for many different applications.

Marine-related products

Marine equipment

  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales
Net cleaning robot, Sensui-Kun

We offer products to contribute to energy conservation across a wide range of marine equipment. For example, water tanks, pontoons and other FRP products using the FRP technologies that we have accumulated through boat manufacturing. A net cleaning robot named Sensui-Kun automatically cleans landing nets, which is an indispensable part of fish farming.

Bio production

  • Production
  • Development
  • Sales*In Japan, these
    products are available
    from Yanmar Marine
    System Co., Ltd.

Our biological materials are produced and developed at Yanmar Marine Farm adjacent to YMIA’s head office plant. As the depletion of natural resources and deterioration of reproduction potential due to the growing demand for marine products poses problems globally, our goal is to establish sustainable, resource-recycling fisheries through the support of aquaculture.


Going beyond manufacturing
Providing people to have
exceptional marine experience

In addition to providing boat, marine products and other products, we strive to enable people to have marine experiences. We operate Hanasaka Surf Club to provide wakesurfing trial lessons by professional surfers, contributing to the popularization of wake surfing and providing opportunities and places for beginners to easily experience wakesurfing.*Only for Japanese market.

Hanasaka Surf Club wakesurfing trial lesson

We are scheduled to roll out services combining our resources and solutions, including premium cruise experiences on our flagship X47 EXPRESS CRUISER. We will also have programs in connection with marinas owned by the Yanmar Group.*Only for Japanese market.

Recreational cruise business with premium cruisers