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About Biwako Country Club

Founded in 1958 and designed by the master architect Seizo Tomizawa, Biwako Country Club has a history of 60 years. The club has been the site of numerous high-stakes golf tournaments since it first hosted the Kansai Open Championship back in 1976. Recently, it underwent a significant renovation overseen by Greg Norman in 2020, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its illustrious history.

The club features a total of 27 holes, consisting of the Ritto Course (9 holes), Mikami Course (9 holes), and Biwako Course (9 holes). The Ritto Course and Mikami Course will be used for the 2024 tournament.

Biwako Country Club

Initiative for Japan’s first
carbon-neutral golf course

Located in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, where Biwako Country Club is situated, there are hardly any chimneys, making it an environmentally friendly town. Golf is a sport that is dependent on natural elements, including the grass and trees. To ensure that golf can be enjoyed for generations to come, and for the sake of nature conservation, we are making efforts to create golf courses that coexist harmoniously with nature.
Yanmar offers renewable energy and energy-saving equipment. We have initiated a plan to effectively reduce our annual CO2 emissions of 802 tons (based on actual emissions from FY2019) to zero.

An environmentally friendly golf course achieving carbon neutrality

Biwako Lake Country Club has been taking steps towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach by implementing renewable energy sources and energy-saving equipment. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable golf course that has achieved zero CO2 emissions through optimal energy control via an energy management system and CO2 reduction through carbon offsetting.

  • 310kW

    Solar power system

    Approximately 30% of the electricity required in the golf course is generated by solar energy. No electricity is purchased during the daytime in fine weather.

    123t CO2 Reduction
  • 230kWth

    Wooden chip boiler

    It is used for hot water supply and humidification in the cathroom. Wood chips are a carbon-neutral fuel that does not affect the increase in atmospheric CO2. We are contributing to resource recycling by making effective use of it.

    125t CO2 Reduction
  • Energy management system

    Supports CO2 and energy saving efforts through optimal control of energy equipment, visualization of energy, and energy saving diagnosis. (Including the CO2 reduction effect of storage batteries.)

    47t CO2 Reduction
  • Battery output 30kW Storage capacity 50kWh

    Lithium-ion livestock battery

    It stores surplus electricity from solar power generation and uses it as an emergency power source for nighttime power supply and disasters.

    3t CO2 Reduction
  • Green Power

    We procure clean electricity with 100% renewable energy including environmental value.

    323t CO2 Reduction
  • Carbon offset

    Offset CO2 that cannot be reduced by purchasing J-credits derived from renewable energy.

    184t CO2 Reduction

Recent tournaments held at Biwako Country Club

  • 1993・2021

    Japan Open Golf

  • 2009

    Japan Senior Open Golf
    Championship Tournament

  • 2011

    4th Asia Pacific Open Golf Championship
    Panasonic Open

  • 2014

    Japan Women's Open
    Golf Championship Competition

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Biwako Country Club