Bloom in Glory JLPGA STEP UP TOUR YANMAR HANASAKA Ladies Golf Tournament 2024 4/4・5・6 Biwako Country Club

Tour Overview

About the Step Up Tour

This tournament has been held since 1991 for players who are not qualified to play on the JLPGA Tour and for newcomers, aiming to foster their development and improve their skills by giving them experience in the game.
Since 2017, the Step Up Tour has been recognized by Rolex Rankings, the comprehensive world rankings system for professional women’s golf.


Yanmar, inspired by the HANASAKA philosophy, which has been passed down since the company’s inception, collaborates with the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association (JLPGA) and Biwako Country Club to organize the JLPGA Step Up Tour YANMAR HANASAKA Ladies Golf Tournament.
Our hope is for female professional golfers to flourish and achieve their potential through this tournament.


Video highlights of past tournaments are available.

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Get the latest news and event information from the tournament!


Get the latest news and event information from the tournament!


Our “Driving Force” is SPORTS

As part of our mission to realize “A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences”,
YANMAR is engaged in sports sponsorship, with a focus on football and marine sports.
Like the engines which are the pillar of YANMAR's business,
we believe that sports can act as the “driving force” behind realizing a prosperous society,
and via our sports sponsorships we are working to foster culture and develop future generations.