About us

Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center (YKRC) was incorporated on January 2007 in the State of Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is known as "Land Below the Wind" and blessed with a diverse landscape of pristine beaches and islands, beautiful seas, tropical forests and rugged mountains team up with indigenous flora and fauna which some can only be found in this area in the world.

The idea of establishment was formed by invitation from former Chief Minister of Sabah State to Yanmar Co. Ltd company in Japan. The purpose was to work together in an effort to produce environmentally friendly machineries that could optimised bio-fuel products from biomass-rich Sabah. YKRC was granted R&D pioneer status from Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA) during early operation to encourage foreign investors to pursue research in our country optimising local natural resources. This enables us to enhance workers skills and provide career opportunities. YKRC also played an important role as a center that conduct reliability and durability evaluation to enhance our company brand products.

In the beginning, our R&D activities emphasized studies on the use of biofuels. Today, we have extended our strength to study food production, agriculture and aquaculture as well. Our aim is to continuously provide support for reliability and durability evaluation of machinery products relevant to ASEAN market. Also, by extending our focus to sustainable solution, we aim to support Yanmar brand statement – A Sustainable Future. Last but not least, we currently operate in accordance to ISO 14001:2005 environmental management to support environmentally friendly R&D activities.

“Grateful To Serve for A Better World.” - Magokichi Yamaoka, Founder

Engine Test

Engine testing has become one of our major activities throughout the years. Our 24/7 engine evaluation operation is one of our best services in this company. Moreover, situated in Sabah “Land below the wind” simply because we are located below typhoon belt, sets us free from extreme climatic disturbances. Our center location have considerably stable climate throughout the year and thus provides very suitable environment for endurance evaluation. Our engine testing facilities includes large engine test bench such as marine auxiliary machinery, small scale test bench for small industrial diesel engines application and medium engine testing facilities.


Our Laboratory was established in 2008 to specialised in fuel R&D of biofuel products and petroleum-based sample testing. Fast forward several years, we improve our experience and move towards supporting environmental and food analysis. Our laboratory has been certified as ISO IEC 17025:2017 since 2014. We are equipped with various testing equipment and analysers that can be used for ASTM, EN, JIS standard method and also for modified and novel methods of sample analysis. We also perform material testing and research for engine parts durability and reliability as well to support our client’s requirement.

Sustainable solution

In 2015, YKRC has revised its mission to – YKRC, as R&D center of ASEAN, concentrates local advanced technology, information network, and manpower, and proposes the business model, and then creates solutions and technologies to achieve the business model. This mission brings to the launching of Sustainable solution in October 2017, a forefront department in YKRC to propose solutions for the society and accelerate the development of future researches. This new mission is YKRC’s commitment to contribute to Yanmar brand statement – A Sustainable Future.


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