Engine Test

Durability & Reliability Performance

With more than 10 years' experience, our team of technicians are able to perform:
engine testing operation on 24/7 rotation with in-situ engine parts evaluation
Durability hour test ranges from 200 hours to 6500 hours

Our Service

  • Engine performance test
  • Engine durability & reliability test
  • Large Marine Auxiliary engine
  • Medium Size Marine engine
  • Small Industrial engine
  • Horizontal engine
  • Material Bending Fatigue test
  • Material Wearing test
  • Hydraulic Welding Fatigue test
  • Exhaust Emission measurement
  • SCR system


  • Large Marine Auxiliary engine test bench
  • Medium size Marine engine test bench
  • Small engine test bench
  • Horizontal engine test bench
  • Gasoline engine test bench
  • Material fatigue test bench
  • Material wearing test bench
  • Welding fatigue test bench
  • Component testing room