Fusion technology by merging the engine and new hydraulic systems.
The result is significantly high performance.

An eco-friendly high power engine.
A new hydraulic system that distributes adequate fluid flow to the necessary parts.
The combination of these two technologies has led to amazing efficiency at the job-site.

Revamped power line with a high power engine
Precision control and working efficiency has greatly improved.

Dual pump/ Dual motor

Since the crawlers on each side are driven independently, driving and turning performance have vastly improved compared to previous models. Also, without a transmission unit, the maintenance time has been greatly reduced.

An operation system common all over the world

Traveling forward/ back and turning can be done using one joystick, so subtle movements can be made in the most narrow places.

Speed sensing feature

The new hydraulic speed sensing feature increases work performance by controlling oil flow from the hydraulic pump depending on engine speed.

  • ※1May differ depending on the payload and surface conditions etc.
  • ※2Measurement for the standard dump bed type.

Equipped with an EPA Tier4 compliant environmental conscious YANMAR diesel engine

  1. Common rail system: fuel injection controlled electronically
  2. Direct fuel injection system: low emissions by increased combustion efficiency
  3. Cooled EGR: reduced NOx by recycling exhaust gas
  4. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter): catches PM*2
  • ※2Measurement for the standard dump bed type.


Collect PM*2(SOOT)

The minuscule amount of PM in the emissions gas is captured by the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), preventing its escape into the atmosphere and resulting in unparalleled environmental performance.

  • ※1Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) refers to the removal of particulate matter contained in exhaust emissions.
  • ※2Particulate Matter (soot etc.)

Three unique, automated regeneration technologies inhibit the development of soot.

  • A manual regeneration may be necessary depending on work conditions.

Auto deceleration

If the operation lever stays in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine speed will automatically change to low idle. The engine speed will automatically revert to the original speed once the operation lever is moved.*3

  • Does not work when parking brake is not applied.

Eco-mode function

Reduces fuel consumption by reducing the maximum engine speed by approximately 10%.

  • ※3Does not work when parking brake is not applied.

Reduced exhaust gases

High efficiency with low fuel consumption

Compared to previous models, work time is reduced and fuel efficiency is improved. Increased consecutive operating hours due to a larger fuel tank.

Comparison of work time and fuel consumption for same amount of work*4

Based on Yanmar's measurement method.

  • ※4Outbound: 2.5t payload, return : empty, running for 8 hours.