Precise, powerful and fast control with one joystick lever.

Wrist control lever

With the proportional control system, the machine only moves as far as the joystick lever is pushed, and stops when the lever is let go.
Speed is controlled by moving the left joystick.
Even beginners can easily get used to the smooth and intuitive controls, and work for long periods of time without wrist fatigue.

Left joystick (travel operation)

You can move forwards or backwards, turn left or right, and easily switch* between 1 speed ⇔ 2 speed with the dual speed switch.

Travel Automatic dual speed switch
  • When traveling at speed 2, the machine may automatically drop to speed 1 depending on the payload.

Operator's station

Right joystick lever (bed operation)

To prevent malfunctions, the operator must press the dump bed lock release switch to raise or lower the dump bed.

Dump bed lock release switch

Standard bed type
Turning bed type

Freely adjust the speed by adjusting the knob near the console or pressing the pedal on the floor.

Dial-type accelerator knob

Use your hand to adjust the speed with this dial.

Accelerator pedal

Step on the pedal while using the joystick to make fine adjustments to speed.*1

  • ※1When adjusting using the accelerator pedal, set the accelerator knob to its lowest position.