Stress-free work in any environment

Made up of many innovations, you can use this carrier comfortably even in small and difficult-to-navigate urban worksites. Test this machine's work efficiency in various environments!

Compact width

With a size much more compact than the 2t dump, small and narrow job-sites are no problem for this machine.

180° turning dump bed type

Being able to dump on either side is a great advantage in narrow areas or for beginners.
It also contributes to unnecessary travel which saves wear on the tracks.

Efficient dumping on either side of 180° turning dump bed type

With less dumping overhang, it enables efficient dumping work.

Leg room and reclining slide seat

With no brake pedal, there is more leg room compared to previous models. The angle and position of the seat can be adjusted so that the operator can sit and use the machine in a comfortable position.

  • ※1With seat at rearmost position

More power for traveling on slopes

  • ※2Figures measured on a 10° slope with maximum payload.