Top Workability Comfortability Option Spec


Comfortable, user-friendly, and eco-friendly design.

Ultra-small 725 mm (2ft-5in) rear turning radius

The supremely compact body keeps rear overhang to just 305 mm(1ft) during turning at maximum width, bringing even better turning performance in narrow passages.

Eco-friendly and ultra-low noise engine

Comes equipped with a user-friendly and eco-friendly, clean & silent engine, which uses leading technology to obtain clean exhaust and powerful output. The excavator is silent, comfortable, and can be used safely even in crowded residential areas.


Equipped with an ROPS bar at the back of the vehicle frame. The bar protects the operator from danger if the excavator rolls over. The retractable seat-belt keeps the operator in place when using the excavator.

  • ※1ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure(A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)

Easy-to-maintain and user-friendly features and equipment

The bucket cylinder hose is contained inside the arm

Protective covers provided for the boom cylinder and rear boom hose

Protective covers provided for blade cylinders

Externally flanged track rollers for a smooth ride

Flip-up type retractable pedal (P.T.O. pedal)(Swing pedal)

Fully openable hood for easy maintenance and detachable side cover

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