Thanks to its compact size, the excavator can go deep inside structures.
Provides work comfort even in confined spaces.

Has a small and slim body capable of entering even the narrowest of spaces.
It has a short tail swing, which makes it easier to operate even in confined spaces.
SV08 is an excellent machine, which works smoothly and efficiently in various work environments such as in residential foundation construction/building alteration, and laying water and sewer pipes.

YANMAR's original sliding variable undercarriage

Sliding variable undercarriage

YANMAR’S Mini Excavator allows ease of access to narrow places and ensures stable workability. The Mini Excavator is strongly built and does not wobble (or shake) when the undercarriages are extended to the maximum.
Moreover, when the distance between the undercarriages is extended, the Mini Excavator forcibly discharges the mud in the sliding pipes,thus performing highly efficient work in any place regardless of the size of the area.

Simple folding variable blade

The hinged blade extensions are permanently fixed on the blade. No tools are necessary to quickly change the position, and there are no risks of losing the lock pin.