Bow deck

The bow deck's spacious design allows for 2 people to fish comfortably. Also, there are two large storages and an anchor storage built-in at the bow deck. In addition, an easy-to-move deck-integrated bowsprit with a bow pulpit and bow roller comes as the standard setting.

Central cabin

The central cabin is specifically designed with the recreational use in mind. The sidewalk around the cabin is spacious enough to be used for fishing as well as for moving between the decks. In addition, the sliding side windows provide excellent air circulation inside the cabin.

Aft deck

A flat aft deck with a wide space is designed to accommodate of all kinds of fishing. In the middle, there are 2 huge live fish stroage cases to keep the caught fish fresh, and at the back, there are a storage and the propeller inspection window.

  • Live fishstorages/Storage/Propeller inspection window

Rear door

The rear door allows for fishing even in cold winter and ensures security when mooring. Also, as a sliding door, it allows for an easy access, good lighting and rear visibility.

Open bulwark

An open bulwark is adopted on both sides of the aft deck and transom for an ease of the retrofitting on site. In addition, the bulwark has four convenient bait shelves to make it easier to fish.