Reliability and high performance on top of an excellent combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Direct injection diesel engine

EX35II makes use of Yanmar's high-performance engine that demonstrates excellent durability, acceleration and reliability. The engine is both stable and highly fuel-efficient at high as well as low speeds, and a large 400-L fuel tank allows navigations for an extended period of time. In addition, it is possible to achieve speeds as high as 33.5 knots if the 6LY2-WST high-power engine is installed.

Standard type
6LY2-WDT 235kW / 3200min-1

High power type
6LY2-WST 279kW / 3200min-1

  • The 6LY2 performance results are obtained through tests under standard light load conditions.

Advantages of a diesel engine

  • You can rest assured that the engine will start at once even in a cold winter weather. Also, the engine maintains its pick performance for much longer even when used continuously at varying low and high speeds.
  • A diesel engine can maximize the compression ratio and thermal efficiency, and thus minimizing the fuel consumption, which is maintained even when idling.
  • Compared to a gasoline engine, a diesel engine demonstrates a smooth and stable performance and power output even during a long-distance sailing. It also ensures a comfortable feeling of control over the boat and maneuvering.
  • A diesel engine does not require an electric ignition system that is sensitive to water and salt. Therefore, a diesel engines are highly reliable with only a few failures and excellent startability.
  • A power source for lighting equipment can be provided by adding a generator to the engine.

Exquisite balance and stable performance.

Uniaxial inboard direct drive system

With a well-balanced hull design with the center of gravity near the midship, it is possible to run with reduced humps and smaller punching force. The large wedge-shaped rudder provides good steering control, and in combination with the V-shaped hull, it maximizes the course retention.

A sophisticated V-shaped hull with an excellent course retention and wave resistance.


The flat sliding surface reduces resistance of water at high speeds and helps to ensure a great start. Furthermore, combined with the fin keel with an outstanding course retention, the hull cushions and smoothes out the punching impact and creates a strong resistance against cross currents.

High stability both when stading still and moving.

Double chine

The double-chine design helps to achieve an excellent lateral stability and loanability when moored, and allows you to enjoy comfortably fishing and trolling at a stationary state.. Also, the double chine improves the speed significantly since it reduces the water contact area when sailing. You can comfortably enjoy fishing and trolling in a stationary state.

High power output when starting, docking as well as trolling.


When moving backwards or receiving a trailing wave impact, the resistance is released downward and pitching is suppressed due to the large box-shaped rudder. Also, It ensures an excellent stability and steering control.

The spanker helps to reduce the cross flow forces caused by the wind.

Low profile

The low-line design suppresses the bridge height to cut the air resistance during high-speed driving. Coupled with the fin keel, it reduces cross-flow forces of the wind.

A comfortable space with significantly lower noise and vibration.

Soundproof double-layer structure + Silencer

In order to reduce the engine noise during running, the floor surface is doubled and the hollow parts enhanced with sound absorbing material. In addition, an exhaust silencer and and engine's anti-vibration rubber are installed as a standard setting to further reduce vibrations and noise.