• CONCEPT&PERFORMANCE Achieve both speed and quietness, and always have a reliable ride. Polished style, ride comfort beyond class.

Electronically controlled common rail engine

Lightweight and compact, with high output and low fuel consumption. In addition to excellent reliability and durability, it has also achieved clean exhaust and high quietness and acceleration, which are highly evaluated overseas.

MARINE COMMON-RAIL ENGINE 4LV250J Maximum Output184kW/3300min-1 *FW Output value

Marine gear

Yanmar's original control system [VC10]

Like the engine, it is customized for Japanese fishing applications, such as improved durability and the adoption of a trolling system with a propeller speed feedback function.

Soundproof double structure

The floor is doubled and the hollow part is covered with sound absorbing material to reduce engine noise during running.
In addition, it is equipped with engine vibration isolation support and exhaust silencer to achieve low vibration and low noise.

Engine room doorway hatch
Engine room
Image diagram

Uniaxial inboard direct drive system

A well-balanced design with the center of gravity near the midship realizes stable running with less hump and less punching. Furthermore, the steering effect is good and the needle retention is also good.


Pursuing the ideal hull shape that suppresses spraying.

1. Stem design

Demonstrates needle retention and high speed with a water line length equivalent to 30ft.

  • Compared with our boats of the same type

2. Fin keel

Improved seakeeping and wind flow suppression performance.

3. V-shaped hull

The large slope at the bottom of the ship eases punching.

4. Flare

Expands deck space and suppresses spraying.

5. Chine

Reduces overhang and reduces hull resistance.

6. Transom shape

Suppresses hump during acceleration and ensures good visibility.

7. Electric trim tab

  • option

The running posture can be adjusted optimally.