• EXTERIOR A masterpiece fishing space. Everything becomes a hot fight stage.

Bow deck

A square bow is used to ensure a flat and ample fishing space that allows two people to cast at the same time. We pursued a sense of security and ease of fishing, such as the large bow rail and the height of the step. In addition, you can optionally set a convenient bowsprit.

Aft deck

Create a wide fishing space with a flat deck and transom steps that are easy to move. The open bulwark, which can accommodate a wide range of outfits, is designed to the optimum height for fishing. In addition, the side deck / aisle has a hold-like depth and handrails, which makes it easy to move with tools and enjoy fishing.


Bow deck

Side deck

Transom step

Large bow rail

Anchor store

Navigation light


Fuel Port with Key

Live fish storage

Long storage

Propeller inspection storage/ Steering system storage / Propeller inspection window

Stern cleat

Open bulwark

Side deck

Stern rail / hand rail