Procuct Concept

Dynamic power and sophisticated style.
An exhilarating gale that carries the running and joy.

A powerful diesel engine. A form that is extremely comfortable to ride.
The field of excitement expands endlessly for ideal driving.

That comfort.
A big “comfort” wraps up a fun time.

A relaxing living space. Equipment and layout in pursuit of ease of use.
Everything creates a relaxing and smiling moment from the bottom of my heart.

Its ease of fishing.
High-quality “freedom” unleashes the excitement of excitement.

A spacious space with a high degree of freedom. Fully polished fishing function. Here are the endless possibilities to actively express the passion of the angler.

For a more personal style.
The satisfaction of “fishing” that you seek is endless and deep.
The charm of the sea and fishing is endless.
With the best appearance and ideal movement,
we will challenge the joy that we have not yet seen.