Community Involvement and Development

Supporting the Osaka Honey Bee Project

Yanmar provides support for the Osaka Honey Bee Project, an urban bee-keeping initiative that began in 2011 following a proposal from employees before growing into an incorporated NPO.

Bees pollinate urban trees and flowers, helping them to produce fruit. Wild birds eat the fruit and take the seeds they have eaten away to other places, where new trees and plants can grow. This project helps communicate the essential role that bees play in the ecosystem, and promotes the continuous greening of the area. This resonates with the business of Yanmar, which involves promoting continuous development in harmony with nature. Yanmar has also tied the project in with the CSR activities it performs in the area.

While Yanmar's new headquarters building was being constructed, the apiary was relocated to the ABC Mart Building next door. But in December 2014, however, it returned to the Yanmar Building. Now, beehives are installed in the garden located in the center of the Premium Marche on the 12th floor. Not only do we take care of the bees, but we also invite children in from nearby elementary schools. We provide them with environmental education covering, for example, the ecology of honey bees.

Local elementary school students are invited in to learn about honey bees
Children observing the honey bees through the glass

Provided job-hunting students with knowledge and financial support

The students undergoing vocational training


YANMAR SOUTH AMERICA joined forces with an NPO in the city of Indaiatuba in the state of Sao Paulo, where it is located, to accept 16-year-old students who will soon be looking for work. The students, who spent one year at the company, were able to combine their studies with working part time. They were helped to acquire various types of knowledge that will prove useful as they embark on life in society, and were also paid for their work.

Donated a tractor to be used in a practical educational program at a college

Donating the tractor to the students


In April 2015, YANMAR AMERICA donated an LX4900 tractor, which also features a loader and a backhoe, to the Berry Farms Season's Harvest, a student enterprise at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Season's Harvest, which was also established for the purpose of providing students with education, is run by students at the college and provides the local community with seasonal produce that is cultivated naturally. The donated tractor is now being used on a daily basis for vegetable garden and orchard work by the students who work in the program. Such work includes tilling, the cultivation of seedlings, mowing grass, and transportation.

Welcomed students from Gadjah Mada University for an explanation of casting technology

Interacting with the residents of the senior citizensʼ home


In April 2015, YANMAR INDONESIA invited 34 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta for an explanation of casting technology. The students learned about the casting engineering by listening to a summary of the technology involved and viewing the actual manufacturing process.