President’s Message

President’s Message: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Representative Director Takehito Yamaoka

For a sustainable future

We have finally overcome the worst stage of COVID-19 and for the most part, life has returned to normal. However, Russia's prolonged invasion of Ukraine still poses a high risk of affecting the economy and management, including supply chain disruptions, rising raw material and fuel prices, rising logistics costs, and rapid inflation.

On the other hand, when we look at the global environment in which we live, there are many social issues such as food shortages, increased energy demand, and climate change, and many companies are being asked how to deal with these issues.

At Yanmar Group, our purpose is to create "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE – New Value through Technology –" by realizing the four prosperous societies set forth in Our FUTURE VISION. At Yanmar, we hold the belief that a new form of prosperity emerges when both nature and humanity thrive together. We are committed to providing solutions that help our customers overcome challenges and contribute to the creation of a more prosperous society.

Our purpose is defined by overcoming challenges

To realize our purpose, Yanmar Group is working on the "YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 (YGC 2050)" and "HANASAKA."

"YGC 2050" is a new environmental vision that declares that by 2050, we become a GHG-free company whose operations have no negative impact on the environment. In addition to carbon neutrality, we will also promote reductions in waste and water resource usage through recycling.

“HANASAKA” is a value of Yanmar nurturing people and the future by believing in people's potential and supporting them to take on challenges. Based on these values, we have established a system to encourage those who take on challenges without fear of failure, as well as those who support those challenges, and have begun efforts to foster this in our corporate culture. Through initiatives like this, we aim to pass down infinite possibility from generation to generation in a variety of fields, fostering opportunities to shape the future.

As a company that continues to create value in society

To foster prosperity, our focus must be on creating new value by overcoming the challenges that our customers and society face. In addition to "YGC2050" and "HANASAKA", we will continue to work together as one group, creating new value in an effort to fulfill our mission.