September 26th, 2016 | SPORTS, SOCCER

Yanmar Improves the Training Environment for the Vietnam National Soccer Team


In March 2015 Yanmar signed an agreement with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to become the official Vietnam National Football Team Top Star Partner. Yanmar is going beyond simply publicizing its brand during matches, actively providing the team with invaluable technical support including the provision of necessary know-how and a tractor for maintenance of the natural turf.


Yanmar recognizes that a strong soccer team is formed through not only the individual skills of each player but also through having a suitable area for the team to train. While the official training ground of the national team holds a lot of significance, the rough conditions of the grass held potential to cause injury during training. In light of this, Yanmar embarked on a mission to improve the condition of the turf in collaboration with the turf advisor of the Cerezo Osaka soccer team.

The improvement efforts proved to be a huge success with local media sources in Vietnam announcing the grounds as “the most beautiful turf in Vietnam’s history”. In addition to this, the VFF sent a letter of gratitude to Yanmar. Yanmar has renewed its contract as the Top Star Partner and will continue to support the team.

Key Points of the Sponsorship Agreement

  • Sponsor: Vietnam National Football Team Top Star Partner
  • Sponsored teams: Vietnam national A team, Vietnam under 23 national team
  • Sponsorship period: Until March 2018
  • Sponsorship fee: Not publicized
The official training ground was named Yanmar Field with the renewal of the contract. Photo right: Contract renewal press conference

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