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YANMAR Opens Pavilion at KidZania Koshien

March 27, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Opens Pavilion at KidZania Koshien

YANMAR has opened a pavilion at KidZania Koshien, just outside Osaka. KidZania is an exciting theme park that offers kids the chance to undertake work activities in more than 80 different occupations. Opened on March 27, 2014, YANMAR’s pavilion features a tractor and simulators that allow virtual operation of various kinds of agricultural machinery. This way, children can enjoy first-hand experiences of rice cultivation and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of farmers’ efforts to cultivate high quality produce.

Celebrating a century of operations in 2012, YANMAR started the Premium Brand Project in 2013 ready to step up to the next level on the world stage. The project makes bold proposals for the next generation of agricultural machinery and work-wear towards the “creation of a new agriculture.” Created under the supervision of Creative Director Kashiwa Sato, YANMAR’s pavilion aims to familiarize children with agricultural machinery and farm work, and shape an image of agriculture like never before. Promoting agriculture as an exciting field of challenge and innovation, YANMAR hopes to strengthen children’s ties to the land and encourage today’s youth to consider agriculture as a future career option.

Pavilion Outline:

Name: Farmers Center

Sponsor: YANMAR Co., Ltd.

Established: March 27, 2014

Major Activities:

Capacity: 6 participants at a time

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Scope: The pavilion features a limited edition of YANMAR’s newly released concept tractor along with three simulators: a tractor, a rice transplanter, and a combine. Participants will be able to try age-appropriate versions of the agricultural wear lines introduced in July 2013, ride the concept tractor and learn about rice cultivation using the simulators. Simulators can adjust the level of operation to better suit children’s needs and facilitate understanding of various kinds of agricultural work. Upon completion of the program, children will be presented with a special “farmer’s certificate.”

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